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China Business Center
Overview of Foreign Investment in China
Forms of Foreign Investment in China
Encouraged, Permitted, Restricted and Prohibited Industries
Required Capital Investment
Foreign Exchange Controls
Loan Repayments
Labor and Employment Law
Taxation In China
Laws and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China
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China Business News
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Temple of Heaven - Beijing, China


China Business Resource Center


China is now fully integrated into the world economy, a member of the World Trade Organization, and the most important manufacturing center on Earth.  With the rise of Shanghai and the re-integration of Hong Kong, China is also becoming one of Asia’s most important centers of banking and finance.  China truly is at the center of world business and one of the primary drivers of the global economy.  


However, China can be a complicated and difficult place to do business.  While China has certainly opened up over the past thirty years, it has also gone through continuous change and evolution in the business and legal environment.  Much of the change should be welcomed as these are the direct results of China embracing the market economy, modernizing its business practices, and modernizing its legal and governmental institutions. 


Lehman Tax & Accounting has provided the China Business Resources Center to give our clients general information in such areas as:


Types of Foreign Investment in China
Encourage, Permitted, Restricted, and Prohibited Industries
Required Capital Investments
Foreign Exchange Controls
Labor and Employment Law
Taxation in China


In addition, we have provided full English translations of relevant laws and regulations in:


Accounting Rules and Regulations
China Company Law
Contract Law
Customs, Import-Export, and Trading Law
Foreign Investment Law
International Trade Law
Labor Law
Tax Law


For more information on doing business in China, we have provided links to other useful and informative websites as well as news articles covering China business news, China tax news, and China accounting news.