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Audit and Assurance


There has never been a greater need than now for audit services.  Whether the client is a foreign parent trying to remotely manage a Chinese subsidiary or whether a foreign buyer is looking to acquire a Chinese company, accurate financial statements are critical.  Audited financials can give the client the assurance they need that the company is being run in compliance with company policies and within the law.  Lehman Tax & Accounting understands that customer service is paramount in performing our audit work.  Geared to customer satisfaction and adding value to our clients, we strive to enhance our relationship with our customers and benefit their businesses.

With our extensive experience in Chinese and international laws and regulations, we can assist you with meeting your applicable reporting requirements. Our audit specialists will examine your financial statements and accounting records to give you an independent opinion on reports to shareholders, directors, and others. In addition, our role as Auditor puts us in an ideal position to build up a clear understanding of your business, enabling us to help you identify the major risks and opportunities in your strategies and activities.  Additionally, we provide financial statement reviews, fact-finding reports on financial information, capital verification assurance, business operation assessment, and reporting services for foreign exchange and special purposes.


Available Services:


Financial statement audit


Internal audit

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance


IFRS reporting


Assistance on capital market transactions


Corporate reporting improvement


Financial accounting


Independent controls & systems process assurance

Sustainability reporting