Legal Notice

注意:如果您于2014年-2018年期间任意时间点与南京易乾宁公司或者江苏易乾宁公司等有任何投资行为,然而您并没有得到易乾财富(易乾系)或者他们的代理按照其承诺向您返还投资金额,或您已经损失了全部或者部分投资金额,那么请您高度注意了,相关案件在美国南卡罗莱纳区联邦地方法院的诉讼已经开始了,案件编号为。: 4:20 – cv – 01726。

ATTENTION: If you invested money with the “Nanjing Easy Richness” or “Jiangsu Easy Richness” companies at any time between 2014 and 2018, and your investment funds were not returned to you in the manner that you were promised by the
“Easy Richness” companies or their agents, and if you lost your investment, in whole or in part, then PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Class Action filing has been commenced in the United States, in the U.S. Federal District Court, District of South Carolina, with Case No.: 4:20-cv-01726.


目前这个在美国南卡罗来纳州未决的集体诉讼案件,旨在追回投资者被易乾财富(易乾系)挪用并用于购买美国某些房地产资产的资金,特别追回用于购买在美国南卡罗来纳州美特尔海滩(Myrtle Beach)的各种高尔夫球场和其他房地产的资金。

The Class Action now pending in South Carolina, in the United States, seeks to recover investorsʼ funds that were wrongfully diverted and use to purchase certain real estate assets in the United States, and specifically various golf courses and other real estate in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA area.


If you wish to participate in the Class Action lawsuit, please send your name and contact information to:

Investors should provide, if available, a copy of the  investment contract that they received from the Easy Richness companies, the amount of their investment(s) in the Easy Richness companies, and the date of each investment. Investors are advised that time is of the essence, and to please respond as quickly as possible.


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Easy Richness Scheme List of Companies


  1.  Nanjing Tetris Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd (南京泰特里斯体育文化传播有限公司); 
  2. Jiangsu Easy Richness Haitian Equity Investment and Fund Management Co., Ltd (江苏易乾海天股权投资基金管理有限公司); 
  3. Jiangsu Easy Richness Founders Real Estate Co., Ltd (江苏易乾方盾房地产置业有限公司); 
  4. Jiangsu Easy Richness Asset Management Co. Ltd. (江苏易乾宁资产管理有限公司); 
  5. Jiangsu Baofeng Trading Co., Ltd (江苏宝丰贸易有限公司); 
  6. Nanjing Easy Richness Financial Information Consulting Co. Ltd (南京易乾宁金融信息咨询有限公司); 
  7. Nanjing Easy Richness Exchange Investment Enterprise (南京易乾汇投资企业(有限合伙)); 
  8. Jiangsu Hongfuju Asset Management Co., Ltd., (江苏弘富聚资产管理有限公司); 
  9. Nanjing Shoujun Trade and Industry Co. Ltd  (南京硕骏贸易实业有限公司); 
  10. Nanjing Xinyuanyuan Commerce and Trade Co. Ltd. (南京新渊源商贸有限公司); 
  11. Jiangsu Tianrui Danfo Commerce and Industry Co. Ltd. (江苏天瑞丹佛商贸实业有限公司); 
  12. Jiangsu Yifeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (江苏益丰木业有限公司); 
  13. Fund364.Inc; 


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